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Relaxer Straight Perm

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This involves the use of a relaxer cream to achieve a smooth straight hair. At the end of this course, you will understand: 1. Understanding the hair types and texture 2. The various facial types 3. The different types of relaxer: Lye or No-Lye 4. The different ways of processing different types of hair 5. The effects of a relaxer on the hair structure 6. How to relax a re-growth or a full virgin hair 7. How to choose a relaxer according to the hair type 8. The positive effects of the relaxing process 9. The drawbacks of the relaxing process 10. Step by step application of a relaxer to the hair 11. Step by step on the washing, neutralizing and conditioning process 12. The tools required for the relaxing process 13. The aftercare for a relaxed hair

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