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Episode 5: Shadow Of A Doubt

The case of the hour has been fairly ridiculous lately, but this one was an exception. The episode began with a dark, creepy scene of a woman screaming and someone sneaking through the house, ultimately ending with a gruesome discovery: a body at the bottom of the stairs.

Episode 5: Shadow Of A Doubt

In 1997, Jennifer Myers is shot to death in her store just one day before she is to testify against the man accused of robbing her, Kevin Dowling. The robber becomes the prime suspect, but he has a solid alibi: a time-stamped videotape of his outdoor activities on the day of the murder. Police asked a local physics professor to help them authenticate the videotape which enabled them to find the killer who was hiding in the shadows.

Eight years ago, residents of the Sydney beach-side suburb of Coogee were spellbound by a vision of the Virgin Mary that appeared in a shadow cast by the sun upon a fence post. But what was it really?

Some saw it as a warning against the war in Iraq, some said it was because of the recent Bali bombings. Thousands converged on Coogee, some travelling hundreds of kilometres to see what? Sunlight and shadows? A visitation from the Virgin? Or a fence - just a fence? Vandals painted it black, chained a toilet bowl to it, and pushed it over, then it was restored. What do you see?

Of course, stay tuned: We will have some more particulars about this episode a little later in the week, and hopefully also a sneak peek to go along with it. We just wish that we came around to next Tuesday a little bit sooner.

great episode, love gangsta boo, the story about the guy in the country (previous episode) being TOUCHED by a cursed mattress demon was horrifying, the episodes like this featuring multiple people at the same time give it a better feel, great work!

Kathleen catches up to them with her mercenaries, but a swarm of the infected break through the underground and begin ripping the soldiers apart. Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam manage to get out by the skin of their teeth, but Sam reveals to Ellie that one of the infected bit him on the leg. The next day, Sam turns into one of the mindless zombies, whereupon Henry is forced to kill him. Dumbfounded by what he did, Henry commits suicide on the spot, and the episode ends with a grim note: There is no redemption this side of the apocalypse.

"Shadows of Doubt, Part 2", known as "The Lone Light: Savior Demon Dragon" in the Japanese version, is the fifty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on May 20, 2009 and in the United States on February 22, 2010.

This episode was released on Youku's on-demand service in China on August 15, 2019, thirty-seven days ahead of its scheduled premiere on Discovery Family. It was also released on Videoland's on-demand service in the Netherlands on August 17, 2019, but later taken down.

This episode was originally scheduled to air on September 19, 2019 on Polish channel MiniMini+, but was replaced with a rerun of an earlier episode. However, it was still released the following day on the nc+ GO on-demand service.

The episode begins with Fluttershy returning some Daring Do books that she borrowed from Rainbow Dash, having become another big fan of the book series. Fluttershy says she read the books all the way up to the most recently released entry, Daring Do and the Fallen Idol, but Rainbow Dash has never heard of this entry, explaining that A.K. Yearling always sends her advance copies of her books.

Thursday night's episode of Vikings got off to something of a slow start. In many ways, the chess pieces simply moved across the board, vying for position but not striking. The great, lumbering mechanisms of plot and narrative crept forward, setting the stage.

In France, the Emperor Charles grows more and more paranoid and pathetic. Roland and Therese begin to move against Count Odo---and presumably Rollo, too, who has built something of an alliance with the Count. No doubt all of this will end badly for someone. When you play the game of thrones...

Speaking of lulling enemies into complacency, I haven't forgotten Lagertha. She's the first person I wanted to write about when I began this review, but I had to get past all the rest before I could get to her. Like many others I'm a huge Lagertha fan, and I've been holding my breath to see what she'll do, and whether she'll be an active part of this story or simply tag along in Kalf's shadow.

Which is all incredibly awesome, especially since she waited for Kalf to basically remove all her opponents with his little ambush a few episodes back before she made her own move. Kalf was beat badly at his own game. He never saw the trap. Now only Erlendur remains a threat to Lagertha, and perhaps not for long now that Bjorn knows the truth about his ring.

Finally, we come to Ivar the Boneless, Ragnar's cripple child now under the wacky tutelage of Floki. I can't help but feel glad that Floki and Helga have a child to look after again, even if it's not their own. The death of their daughter was too tragic. But Ivar is an odd one. His scene in this episode was pretty horrific.

All told, an episode that plodded along at first, but picked up quite violently by the end. Not much here of Rollo and Gisla, and not a ton of action, but the one-two-punch of Ivar's hatchet and Lagertha's dagger more than made up for any slowness earlier on.

Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 saw Reva uncover Obi-Wan's greatest secret - and set up her heading to Tatooine in search of Luke Skywalker. The focus of the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ TV show has rightly been on the dynamic between Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hayden Christensen's Darth Vader, but Moses Ingram's character has remained an important secondary character throughout. Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 finally revealed her backstory, and exposed her true motives.

Reva was a survivor of Order 66, a Youngling who had been at the Temple when the newly-christened Darth Vader led the 501st Legion into that sacred place and began slaughtering the Jedi. Unable to protect her fellow Younglings, she had no choice but to pretend to be dead. The Inquisitors found her on the streets of Coruscant, and took her in as one of their own. Though she pretended to burn with ambition, in reality her heart was set on vengeance against Darth Vader. She correctly intuited that Obi-Wan Kenobi was her way of drawing Darth Vader out and getting close to him, and she finally got her chance in Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5.

She failed, of course, as she was always going to. There is a sense in which Moses Ingram's Reva was never as important as she desperately wanted to believe, for in the end she simply became Obi-Wan's weapon against Darth Vader - his tool used to slow him down and give the Jedi a chance to escape with the innocents he was trying to protect. But Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 ended with a twist, when Reva stumbled upon a holographic message from Bail Organa that revealed just what Obi-Wan had been doing all these years. This revelation makes the episode's poignant shot of Luke Skywalker even more meaningful, suggesting he is now at greater risk of being discovered by his father than ever.

Reva's role in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ TV series is not over, however. Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 ended with Reva discovering an abandoned communicator on the soil of Jabiim - a communicator with a message from Bail Organa. Although it had been damaged, enough of the message remained to tell Reva that Obi-Wan had been guarding a boy on Tatooine. She would have recognized Bail Organa as well, given the whole chain of events really began when she researched him in the Imperial archives and discovered his historic connection to Obi-Wan. Reva would surely realize she'd blundered into a greater secret than she'd ever realized; that the orphan Leia and the boy on Tatooine were being protected.

It's safe to assume Reva will go after Luke Skywalker on Tatooine. She'll likely do so in a fit of rage, furious because she knows Obi-Wan Kenobi did not defend her and her fellow Younglings and Padawans at the Temple - but here he is, now working as part of a conspiracy to protect Younglings he believes more worthy of protection. Reva has lived for revenge for so long, and she'll simply shift targets. The recorded message mentions Owen on Tatooine, and Reva will no doubt connect this to the man she briefly met on Tatooine, who she sensed had some sort of connection to a Jedi she couldn't understand. Luke Skywalker is in more danger than ever before.

There's a sense in which Reva's fate mirrors that of Darth Maul in Star Wars Rebels. The former Sith Apprentice traced Obi-Wan to Tatooine; at first Obi-Wan refused to be drawn out, only stepping out of the shadows when a Jedi Padawan was threatened. Maul was killed with surprising ease, and died realizing he was not as important as he had believed, for Obi-Wan now cared only about protecting the boy he believed to be the Chosen One. Reva, too, is likely to die realizing how unimportant she is - but she probably won't find the news as comforting as Darth Maul did.

Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 begins to draw the show's narrative back to Luke Skywalker - and it makes perfect sense for it to do so. The overarching story has restored Obi-Wan's faith in the Force, given him a fresh confidence that Darth Vader has not defeated his personal flaws and can still be outwitted, and reminded him the Jedi are not alone; it's telling he trusted Haja to watch over Leia, when he'd initially treated the con-man with contempt. It's easy to imagine a scenario where the aged Jedi Master decides to remain at large in the galaxy, training Leia because Owen won't let him close enough to Luke. He needs something to remind him that Luke is important as well - and Reva's discovery serves that purpose. Fortunately, Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 5 makes it clear Obi-Wan is now sensitive enough to the Force to sense something is badly wrong, meaning Luke's protector will hurry back. 041b061a72


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