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[[PRIVESTE IN DIRECT***]] Botoşani vs SC Dinamo 1948 18/12/2023

acum 22 de ore — They remain at the bottom of the standings in 16th place after their 2-0 defeat to U Craiova 1948 last time out. Their opponents, Dinamo ...

Looking back at their last matches, FC Botosani will probably play with Kablan Davy N'Goma and Jean-Armel Drole at the front of the field. The goal will be guarded by Razvan Ducan, who will be supported by Gabriel Mutombo, Junior Pius, Romario Benzar, Victor Dican and Alfie Adams. The midfield may be formed by Andrei Dragu, Gabriel David and Eduard Florescu. In addition, as substitute players, these players will probably be selected for the upcoming competition: Andrei Ureche, Charles Petro, Alin Seroni, Rijad Sadiku, Carlo Casap, George Ionuț Dragomir, Marius Cioiu, Fabrice Olinga, Virgile Pinson. Considerung the lineup of their last matches, it is likely that FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 will play with the midfield consisting of Quentin Bena, Christian Ilic, Dennis Politic and Nelut Stelian Rosu, while the defense is formed by Gabriel Rodrigues de Moura, Lucas Alves de Araujo, Razvan Bogdan Patriche Nichita and Costin ionut Amzar. While Adnan Golubovic will try to protect the team's own goal, Goncalo Gregorio and Dani Iglesias will try to break through Botoșani's defense and score goals. Razvan Began, Ricardo Grigore, Hakim Abdallah, Antonio Alexandru Bordusanu, Ahmed Bani, Alexandru Irimia, Catalin Stefan Tira, Cristian Costin and Lamine Ghezali will stay ready to fill in if needed. The right betting decision To be a successful bettor, there are several things that you need to consider to help you pick the winners, but finding value bets is the key to betting success. Bets that most people predict will pay higher than expected need players to take into account many things. FC Botosani vs FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 Football Betting FC Botosani vs FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 2023-12-18 live stream, tips, odds and H2H stats. Click here for all our free betting tips and predictions. For instance, direct head to head records, lineups, how the team performed on its previous matches, goals scored and goal averages. Experts feel that Botoșani takes the odds by a small margin (with 38. 2%) while a win of Dinamo Bucharest is evaluated with 32. 7%; important to remember when placing a wager. Botosani vs Dinamo Bucuresti H2H 18 dec 2023 Head Botosani won 10 direct matches. Dinamo Bucuresti won 9 matches. 5 matches ended in a draw. On average in direct matches both teams scored a 2.04 goals per Match ... Botoşani vs. Dinamo Bucureşti II - 21 Mei 2008 FC SA Botoşani Botoşani · L L D L D. FT 2 - 0. FC Dinamo 1948 Bucureşti II Dinamo Bucureşti II · L L L W L · 21/05/2008 Liga II KO 08:00. Excitement Index ... Since FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 was the winner in their last meeting, especially the FC Botosani players are anxious to win this time. Because FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 were the winner of the last 2 out of 3 matches, they're likely to win this match. Chances for FC Botosani are rather low. Goalwise, FC Botosani is the favorite, since they scored 6 in total over the last three games, with FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 only scoring 4. It could be a tough match to play, sincetemperatures could reach 7°C that day. Precipitation could also be a challenge, since chances for clear are quite high. With 30kmph, there might also be strong gusts blowing that could influence the outcome of the match. 3 points 0. 7 buts/match Moyenne de buts marqués 0. 8 buts/match 1. 6 buts/match Moyenne de buts encaissés 2. 3 buts/match 00. 00% 40. 00% 30. 00% 60. 00% PERTES 70. 00% 80. 00% OVER 2. 5 GOALS 20. 00% Plus de 3, 5 Buts Moins de 2, 5 Buts 50. 00% 4. 7 corners Corners par Match 4. 4 corners Matchs nuls à la mi-temps 10. 00% DES DRAPS PROPRES A MARQUÉ LES DEUX MI-TEMPS BTTS & GAGNER Les deux équipes marquent et plus de 2, 5 buts 0. Match Résultat Date Dinamo Bucharest - FC Botosani 1 - 0 15. 08. 2023 FC Botosani - Dinamo Bucharest 2 - 3 07. 05. 2022 4 - 0 08. 02. 2022 1 - 2 20. 09. 2021 25. 01. 2021 1 - 1 12. 2020 20. 12. 2019 15. 2019 28. 2019 23. 04. 2019 Former Équipe Forme générale Forme à Domicile Forme à l'extérieur Dinamo Bucharest L D FC Botosani Dinamo Bucharest vs FC Botosani Statistiques • Statistiques des derniers 6 matchs VICTOIRES Buts Marqués Buts encaissés Corners 0/6 5 10 25 12 24 • Statistiques de Paris Plus de 1, 5 Buts PLUS DE 2, 5 BUTS Les deux équipes marquent TIRAGES 3/6 1/6 5/6 • Statistiques de la première mi-temps 2 6 13 4 • Statistiques des 10 Derniers Matchs 0. 4 points Points par match 0. 9 27. 11. 7 CSMS Iasi 1. 3 0 - 0 28. 10. 2023 Dinamo Bucharest 1. 2 CFR Cluj 2. 5 09. 2023 FC U Craiova 1948 27. 2023 Derniers matchs FC Botosani Jeux à l'extérieur FC Botosani 0. 0 2 - 0 11. 2023 Petrolul Ploiesti 1. 5 FC Botosani 0. 3 2 - 1 25. 2023 Farul Constanta 1. 2 FC Botosani 0. 4 05. 2023 CSM Alexandria 0. Botosani vs Dinamo Bucuresti H2H 18 dec 2023 Head to Head stats predictionWe invite you to check Botosani and Dinamo Bucuresti match statistict (Tab Stats->Match statistics), where you will find out who is the best scorer. Also you can check the statistics of possession, shots, corners, offsides, and many other applications. In tab Goals stats (tab Stats->Goals stats) check how many loses and scored goals per game, how many games won and lost to zero. You will find what results teams Botosani and Dinamo Bucuresti usually end matches with divided into first and second half. Our site is not limited to only as this. Check Odds stats (Tab Stats->odds), where you will find graphical statistics bet Under / Over and Handicap. In tab Form(Stats->form) you find graph teams form and a list of all matches of Botosani and Dinamo Bucuresti in season. FC Botosani vs FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 [LIVE] Score FC Botosani - FC Dinamo Bucuresti 1948 score live and be notified of the main actions of this match (goals / points / games, penalties, players names). DINAMO BUCUREȘTI 1 - 0 FC BOTOȘANI - YouTube YouTube YouTube 2:52 YouTube Dinamo 1948 Bucuresti 17 aug. 2023 17 aug. 2023 Lipsesc: SC SC For this match, Andrei Alexandru Patache will probably use the follwing players to play in the starting eleven: • Goalkeeper: Razvan Ducan • Defenders: Gabriel Mutombo, Junior Pius, Romario Benzar, Victor Dican, Alfie Adams • Midfield: Andrei Dragu, Gabriel David, Eduard Florescu • Attackers: Kablan Davy N'Goma, Jean-Armel Drole Dinamo Bucharest's manager will most likely recommend these players for the upcoming match: • Goalkeeper: Adnan Golubovic • Defenders: Gabriel Rodrigues de Moura, Lucas Alves de Araujo, Razvan Bogdan Patriche Nichita, Costin ionut Amzar • Midfielders: Quentin Bena, Christian Ilic, Dennis Politic, Nelut Stelian Rosu • Attackers: Goncalo Gregorio, Dani Iglesias Check one hour before kickoff to see the final team lineups on Oddspedia. Statistique du Match Dinamo Bucharest vs FC Botosani (2023)Dinamo Bucharest vs FC Botosani Prédiction & Analyse Dinamo Bucharest et FC Botosani s'affrontent pour trois points dans le Romania Liga I sur 14/08/2023. Après 10 matchs joués, les statistiques montrent que FC Botosani ont marqué 8 buts et subi Sept défaites, une défaite de plus que Dinamo Bucharest, qui ont marqué 7 Buts. Notre prédiction pour la rencontre entre Dinamo Bucharest et FC Botosani est Dinamo Bucharest gagner, basée sur une analyse mathématique. Pour les prédictions des pronostiqueurs experts, veuillez visiter notre Premium page. Tête à tête - Dinamo Bucharest vs. FC Botosani Le record du face à face entre Dinamo Bucharest et FC Botosani montre que dans leur dernier 10 réunions, FC Botosani a assuré la victoire 5 fois, alors que Dinamo Bucharest est sorti vainqueur 3 fois. En outre, deux matches entre Dinamo Bucharest et FC Botosani s'est soldé par un match nul. 3 Buts MOYENNE MARQUÉE PREMIÈRE MI-TEMPS 0. 5 Buts 0. 4 Buts MOYENNE MARQUEE EN DEUXIEME MI-TEMPS Le tableau ci-dessus résume les statistiques de paris les plus importantes du Dinamo Bucharest et FC Botosani dans les 10 derniers matchs. Comparaison des formulaires Comparaison des objectifs Derniers matchs Dinamo Bucharest Jeux à domicile Dinamo Bucharest 0. 0 Universitatea Cluj 0. 0 0 - 1 cancel 12. 2023 Dinamo Bucharest 0. 4 Otelul Galati 1. 4 3 - 3 check_circle 08. 2023 Steaua Bucharest 1. FC Botoșani vs Dinamo București 4-0 (Liga 1, etapa 18) 8:10Rezumatul meciului FC Botoșani vs Dinamo București, scor 4-0 (3-0) în Liga 1 (etapa a 18-a), transmis în direct de Look Sport, Digi Sport și ...Facebook · Dinamo Bucuresti · 25 ian. 2021


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