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ActiveSMART: The Ultimate Tool for Hard Drive Optimization and Protection

Ariolic ActiveSMART A Comprehensive Review

Have you ever wondered what happens to your hard drives when they fail? How much data would you lose if your hard drive suddenly stopped working? How do you know if your hard drive is healthy and performing well?

Ariolic ActiveSMART

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If you want to avoid these questions and protect your valuable data, you need a reliable tool that can monitor and test your hard drive status and performance. One such tool is Ariolic ActiveSMART, a software that utilizes SMART technology to check your hard drive health, disk space usage, temperature, performance, and more.

In this article, we will review ActiveSMART in detail and show you how it can help you prevent hard drive failures, optimize disk space, and improve your PC performance. We will also compare it with some alternatives and give you our honest opinion on whether it is worth buying or not.

Features of ActiveSMART

ActiveSMART is a comprehensive software that offers a range of features to monitor and test your hard drive status and performance. Here are some of the main features of ActiveSMART:

Hard drive health diagnostic

ActiveSMART uses SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) to retrieve vital information from your hard drive sensors, such as read and write errors, performance, temperature, bad blocks, reallocated sectors, etc. It analyzes this information and calculates the failure possibilities using special algorithms.

ActiveSMART displays this information in a user-friendly manner, showing you the health status, performance status, temperature status, free space status, and overall status of each hard drive on your PC. It also shows you the SMART attributes and their values, thresholds, worst values, raw values, and lifetime charts.

ActiveSMART alerts you about any potential or imminent problems with your hard drives by showing pop-up messages, sending emails, playing sounds, or logging events. It also gives you recommendations on how to fix or prevent the problems.

Disk space usage analyzer

ActiveSMART also helps you optimize your disk space usage by showing you how files and folders use the disk space and which of them are space wasters. It uses TreeMap technology to scan your hard drive and display a graphical overview of disk space usage.

You can easily find out which files and directories are using up most of your disk space and delete or move them to free up some space. You can also sort the files by name, size, date modified, or date created.

Automatic disk check-up and temperature monitor

ActiveSMART supports automatic disk check-up on system loading, constant tracking of the disk state with an interval varying from 1 minute to 99 hours, as well as performing a quick scan of the disks to save the resources of weaker machines.

ActiveSMART also monitors the disk temperature and shows it in the system tray (near the clock). It warns you if the disk temperature exceeds a certain limit or changes rapidly. It also shows you the temperature history chart for each disk.

Emergency system shutdown

ActiveSMART can protect your data and prevent hard drive failure by suspending (using Hibernate mode) your PC automatically if the hard drive becomes too hot or if a critical SMART attribute changes its value. This saves your important data and prevents further damage to the hard drive.

Secure file shredder

ActiveSMART also includes a secure file shredder that allows you to delete files and folders without any traces. It uses military-grade algorithms to overwrite the data multiple times before deleting it permanently. This ensures that no one can recover the deleted data using any recovery software.

How does ActiveSMART work?

ActiveSMART works by utilizing SMART technology that is built into most modern hard drives. SMART consists of a number of sensors that reside inside the drive and report their status in the form of attributes. Every attribute is a piece of information about the condition of a certain life-critical part of the hard drive.

The attribute value may vary from 0 to 253. Every attribute has a minimal threshold level defined by the drive manufacturer. If the attribute value falls below the threshold level, it indicates a problem with the hard drive.

ActiveSMART monitors all of the drive's SMART parameters and presents this information in a user-friendly manner. It also analyzes this information using special algorithms to estimate failure possibilities.

Benefits of using ActiveSMART

Using ActiveSMART has many benefits for your PC performance and data security. Here are some of them:

  • You can prevent hard drive failures by detecting them early and taking appropriate actions.

  • You can optimize your disk space usage by finding and deleting unnecessary files and folders.

  • You can improve your PC performance by monitoring and enhancing your hard drive performance.

  • You can protect your data from unauthorized access by securely deleting sensitive files and folders.

  • You can save time and money by avoiding data loss and expensive data recovery services.

How to install and use ActiveSMART

Installing and using ActiveSMART is very easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Download ActiveSMART from

  • Run the setup file and follow the instructions to install ActiveSMART on your PC.

  • Launch ActiveSMART from the Start menu or desktop shortcut.

  • Select the Overview tab to see all vital parameters of your hard drives at a glance.

  • Select the Disk Space Analyzer tab to see how files and folders use your disk space.

  • Select the Disk Temperature tab to see the temperature history of your disks.

  • Select the File Shredder tab to securely delete files and folders.

  • Select the Settings tab to customize various options such as alerts, notifications, check-up intervals, etc.

Pricing and licensing options

ActiveSMART has two pricing options: Standard Edition ($24.95) and Professional Edition ($39.95). The main difference between them is that Professional Edition supports SSD drives (Solid State Drives) while Standard Edition does not.

You can buy ActiveSMART online from You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, check or cash.

You can also download a free trial version of ActiveSMART from The trial version is fully functional for 21 days.

The license for ActiveSMART is per computer (not per user). You can install it on one PC only. If you want to install it on more than one PC, you need to buy additional licenses.

Pros and cons of ActiveSMART

ActiveSMART is a powerful software that offers many features and benefits for monitoring and testing your hard drive health and performance. However, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of before buying it. Here are some pros and cons of ActiveSMART:


- Easy to install and use- Supports ATA, SATA, SSD, NVMe drives- Utilizes SMART technology- Provides


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