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Buy Private Internet Access

Our conclusion? PIA is well worth its already low prices, and we love that it has discounts for students as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Given its fast speeds, kill switch, torrenting access, and 256-bit AES encryption, PIA is more than meeting industry standards when it comes to features.

buy private internet access


Your digital identity is your information profile compiled from your online purchases and accounts, tagged photographs and search history, which can be traced to you and used for fraudulent activities. PIA will help you to secure your digital identity by adding an extra layer of protection through internet traffic encryption, hidden locations and obscured browsing activities.

Private Internet Access VPN makes this feature available for small businesses and corporations looking to configure their entire office network. One subscription allows you to use up to 10 devices, but you can connect more at a discounted rate. PIA then helps to protect important corporate data against surveillance or theft. As your teams work, your internet connection is encrypted.

Private Internet Access VPN is available on Android and iOS devices so you can access geo-restricted content and keep safe from threats even when on the go. PIA works on Android phones with OS 5.1 and above. So whether you use a Samsung, HTC, Nokia or any other make or model, all you need to do is download PIA on Google Store.

Yes, one PIA subscription gives you access to multiple devices. You can even use 10 devices simultaneously on the VPN. And with the VPN router, which records only one device used, you can connect to more devices.

As a PCMag security analyst, I report on security solutions such as password managers and parental control software, as well as privacy tools such as VPNs. Each week I send out the SecurityWatch newsletter filled with online security news and tips for keeping you and your family safe on the internet.

When you activate a VPN, it encrypts all your internet traffic and sends it off to a server controlled by the VPN company. This ensures no one, not even your ISP, can see what you're doing online, making it harder for snoops and advertisers to track you across the web. While it's one of the oldest surviving contenders in the field, Private Internet Access VPN is still a contender among the best VPNs. It boasts strong Speedtest scores, sports an excellent interface, and its advanced network settings let tinkerers tinker. Recently, the company removed the limit on simultaneous connections, helping to justify Private Internet Access VPN's high monthly cost.

The company does not provide direct access to the Tor anonymization network via VPN, although we should note that a VPN is not required to access the free Tor network. Editors' Choice winners Proton VPN and NordVPN both offer access to Tor, multi-hop connections, and split tunneling.

After the passage of a new national security law affecting Hong Kong, Private Internet Access VPN announced(Opens in a new window) it was removing its server presence from the city. Instead, the company is arranging for virtual servers physically located outside of China to provide VPN service to Hong Kong. This is a good use of virtual locations since it covers a potentially dangerous region while keeping the server in a secure place. Private Internet Access VPN has virtual locations for other countries with repressive internet policies, such as Turkey and Vietnam. The company does not have any servers, virtual or otherwise, in Russia.

Many streaming video services block VPNs, because they have geographically limited licenses for streaming content. In our testing, we were only able to access a small subset of Netflix content while connected to a US-based Private Internet Access VPN server. What we could access streamed smoothly. Keep in mind that this could change at any time, however.

Because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has limited our access to the PCMag Labs, we've moved to a rolling testing model and now report speed test results as we get them. The table below has all the latest information.

PIA unblocks Netflix in a number of regions. It also unblocks the BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, access to geo-blocked content isn't limited to just streaming services. Other websites that are typically off-limits are open when you connect to a server in that area.

Ever tried to look something up only to get a 'not available in your region' message? Private Internet Access can help with that. When connected to a server in the right location you can access all kinds of geo-blocked websites. That includes TV streaming websites.

I tried accessing the most popular streaming services using PIA, and it didn't disappoint. In fact, it did well enough to be included on the list of the top Netflix VPN services. I was able to watch Netflix libraries from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and even Japan. Other services PIA unblocks are BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus.

There were a few streaming sites that PIA wasn't able to access. The biggest of these is 10Play, one of the biggest networks in Australia. So, if you need to watch something on this service, you'll need another streaming VPN. A select few providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN are able to unblock 10Play, as well as more regional Netflix libraries.

The PIA desktop client includes a kill switch that disables internet access if your VPN disconnects for any reason. In my testing, this performed admirably, always notifying me of an internet connection issue and reconnecting without once exposing my real IP address.

The service comes with email breach monitoring, a system that helps you track any potential compromises to your email account. If a hacker gets your password and can access your emails, email breach monitoring helps to identify the threat before the hacker can do further damage and reset your passwords or steal your identity. The VPN also includes features like a kill switch, DNS leak protection, split tunneling capability, and peer-to-peer (P2P) functionality for torrenting.

Professional reviewers praise Private Internet Access for its easy-to-use mobile app, extensive server network, and good internet speeds, among other things. However, they note that the VPN service doesn't have a free version, and some say the login system is awkward to use.

For consistency, I used a server in New York to test all VPNs. Note that the default server may not actually be the fastest for you, so it's best to test several nearby servers. Once you find a server that works well, you can mark it as a favorite. This provides faster access and is a time-saving feature that many VPNs offer.

Streaming, Facebook, and DNS leaks: I could stream a high-definition YouTube video while using Private Internet Access without buffering or stuttering. I also connected to Facebook and was able to scroll smoothly through my feed. I experienced no DNS leaks while using Private Internet Access, meaning the VPN hid my IP address, location, and internet activity from my internet service provider as it should have.

Once you purchase the VPN, Private Internet Access will provide you with login credentials to use its VPN app and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. To use the VPN, you will simply need to download the PIA Client (VPN app) or browser extension on your device. Sign in to your account through the app and you are all set to securely browse the internet.

Both mask your IP address to guard against throttling by internet service providers for services like streaming, and they both have servers in dozens of countries. But Private Internet Access has many more servers, which could mean better speeds for streaming and P2P file sharing.

However, if you are comfortable with a U.S.-based company, Private Internet Access has the largest reported server count in our Best VPNs of 2021 rating. With more than 35,000 servers in more than 78 countries, you will likely have no problem accessing a server near you or experiencing the slow speeds associated with a bogged-down server.

Users can also access a help desk with guides, answers to questions, and security tips that can help users solve problems on their own. If you prefer to solve issues at your own pace, this is a great option. The guides are easy to follow and many include videos to show you exactly how to fix your problems. Not everything is covered in the guides, though. For example, if you have questions about how to use a streaming service, there are answers in the user-supported forums but not in the official guides.

Equally, Kape is determined to move on from its Crossrider days and is doubling down on its commitments to privacy and internet security. It now operates three trustworthy VPN services, including ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

Private Internet Access is a decent VPN for streaming, but it's certainly not one of the best. Although it can access US Netflix and BBC iPlayer, we found that you'll have to cycle through several servers before finding one that works. Moreover, the VPN's Smart DNS tool doesn't work, so it's unsuitable for streaming on Smart TVs and PS4.

Most VPN companies rent some of their servers from data centers around the world. This helps provide users with access to a global network, but means you are forced to trust an additional party with the responsibility for your data.

Our remote-access server in Shanghai, China routinely tests if a VPN can beat restrictions and access a free, open internet. Obfuscation technologies and nearby servers are also a contributing factor.

Although Shadowsocks is not as safe or effective as proprietary VPN obfuscation tools, it can access popular apps and websites like Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, and WhatsApp. 041b061a72


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