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Rumbo Al Ingles - Intermedio Alto Torrent

Rumbo Al Ingles - Intermedio Alto Torrent

Rumbo Al Ingles - Intermedio Alto is a DVD video course that teaches intermediate to advanced level English. It features six of the best teachers from the Vaughan Method, a renowned and effective way of learning English. Each teacher brings their own perspective and style to the course, making it fun, diverse and educational. The course covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and communication skills, with a focus on practical and real-life situations. It also includes exercises and quizzes to test your progress and reinforce what you have learned. The course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their English level and confidence.

Rumbo Al Ingles - Intermedio Alto is available online as a torrent download, or you can buy the DVD from Sony Pictures or other distributors. You can also watch some episodes on YouTube or listen to them on SoundCloud. If you want to learn English with a proven method and a team of expert teachers, Rumbo Al Ingles - Intermedio Alto is the course for you.

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What is the Vaughan Method?

The Vaughan Method is a unique and innovative way of teaching English that has been developed by Richard Vaughan, an American entrepreneur and educator who has been living in Spain for over 40 years. The Vaughan Method is based on three main principles: repetition, error correction and contrastive analysis.

  • Repetition is the key to learning a language. The Vaughan Method uses drills, exercises and activities that make the students repeat the language structures and vocabulary over and over again until they become automatic and natural. The Vaughan Method also exposes the students to different accents, speeds and registers of English to help them improve their listening comprehension and pronunciation.

  • Error correction is essential to avoid fossilizing mistakes. The Vaughan Method is relentless in correcting the students' errors and making them aware of their weaknesses. The Vaughan Method also provides feedback and encouragement to help the students overcome their fears and insecurities when speaking English.

  • Contrastive analysis is a technique that compares the similarities and differences between English and Spanish. The Vaughan Method uses this technique to help the students avoid common errors and interferences caused by their mother tongue. The Vaughan Method also teaches the students useful expressions, idioms and phrasal verbs that are often difficult to translate literally.

Why learn English?

Learning English is not only a personal goal, but also a smart investment for your future. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and it can open many doors for you in terms of career, education, travel and culture. Here are some of the benefits of learning English:

  • English is the language of business, science, technology, entertainment and diplomacy. By learning English, you can access more opportunities and resources in these fields.

  • English is the official language of many countries and organizations, such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Commonwealth and NATO. By learning English, you can communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

  • English is the language of the internet, media and literature. By learning English, you can access more information and entertainment online, as well as enjoy classic and contemporary works of art.

  • English is the language of travel and tourism. By learning English, you can explore more destinations and experiences around the world, as well as interact with locals and other travelers.

If you are interested in learning English with Rumbo Al Ingles - Intermedio Alto, you can download the torrent file from this link. You will need a torrent client software to download the video files. Alternatively, you can buy the DVD from this website. You can also find more information about the course on this page.


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