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Summer Boot Camp

Cornrow & Boxbraids

Learn Cornrow or Boxbraids in Just
1 Week

Starting from 26th of July

At 10 am to 1pm Tuesday to Saturday

Achievement Certificate provided at end of course



Early Bird Price £249 Price after £299  

BOX braids.jpeg


Early Bird Price £299 price after £349

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Toffee Odusina
Founder Faith And Grace Hair & Beauty.

With 30 years of experience within the Hair Styling & Beauty Industry, Fola Toffee Odusina spent the majority of her time researching the complexity and maintenance of the Afro Hair. Her in-depth knowledge led to creating unique jaw-dropping hairstyles and had since communicated her top-secret to achieving a healthy, stunning looking hair. Her work is recognized by the Tower Hamlets College and Independent Training Institutes. She has undergone further training in business management, marketing and extensive training in Afro Hair Academy. Fola Toffee Odusina’s business acumen puts her ahead in the industry, where you not only benefit from hairstyling and management but also what it takes to run an efficient, profitable Hair Salon. Her businesses extend also to the wholesale and retailing sector, in delivering high-quality products.

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