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Curly Perm

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Curly perm is for someone who wants a curly or wavy hair. At the end of this course, you will understand: 1. Understanding the hair types and texture 2. The various facial types 3. The different types curly perm process 4. The conditions when curly perm can or cannot be done 5. The effects of a curly perm on the hair structure 6. How to achieve curly perm on a re-growth or a full virgin hair 7. The types of products used in curly perm 8. The positive effects of the curly perm process 9. The drawbacks of the curly perm process 10. Step by step curly perm process to the hair 11. Step by step on the washing, neutralizing and conditioning process 12. The tools required for the curly perm process 13. Application of the curly perm process on Afro and Caucasian hair

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