Monetize Your Passion.​

  • Become A Professional Hairdresser
  • Start Your Own Salon
  • Set up a Retail Store
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Your Skill Will Create A Path of Success For You” – Toffee

The beauty about learning a new skill is that once you have it its yours forever, no one can take it from you. The amazing benefit of learning ‘Afro Hairdressing’ is that it creates a new income stream for you.


So it’s a skill that can generate immediate income for you. The more you do the better you become and the better you can start creating exceptional hair styles.


This program is packed with a lot of super hair styling skills that you are bound to become a popular, well sort for hair stylist



A Salon is not Just for Hairstyles but A Place of Transformation.” – Toffee

Set up your salon where you create transformational Afro hair design for your customers.

  • Understand the importance and application of a good customer service.

  • Discover the equipment, tools and resources you need and how you can obtain these at affordable prices.

  • Learn the recruitment process for your hair stylist, the training required and how you create sustainable income in your salon.

  • Design and transform the Afro Way!

Hair Salon
Beauty Salon
Three Models
Hair Wash


Your Skill Will Create A Path of Success For You” – Toffee

Your knowledge in your industry gives you an additional edge on what your client needs and how to meet those needs. Offering variety of products enables you to provide solutions to your client’s immediate requirement.


A customer facing retail store provides this. A place of service and a place of solution. This is what you create.


The program helps you understand the resources to set up your own store, kit it up and make it ready for launch.


You will also understand the tips to put in place to keep your clients coming back over and over again, just because you know, understand and care for them.



Monetize your knowledge & Increase your revenue

  • Get the insider knowledge on distribution, how to get the right products at the right price

  • Find out how to determine fast moving lines

  • Discover how to negotiate and get the right deals

  • Get to know basic store requirements & how to notify the locals on your launch day

Fashion Business
Cosmetic Store

Fola Toffee Odusina

With 30 years of experience within the Hair Styling & Beauty Industry, Fola Toffee Odusina spent the majority of her time researching the complexity and maintenance of the Afro Hair. Her in-depth knowledge led to creating unique jaw-dropping hairstyles and had since communicated her top-secret to achieving a healthy, stunning looking hair. Her work is recognized by the Tower Hamlets College and Independent Training Institutes. She has undergone further training in business management, marketing and extensive training in Afro Hair Academy. Fola Toffee Odusina’s business acumen puts her ahead in the industry, where you not only benefit from hairstyling and management but also what it takes to run an efficient, profitable Hair Salon. Her businesses extend also to the wholesale and retailing sector, in delivering high-quality products.




Single Braids /Box Braids 

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Two Strand Twist


Weave-On Full Head


Hair Model

Training for Weave-on

Dark Hair Beauty

Refresher Course Weave-On

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Training for Braids

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Refresher Course Braids

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Training for Perms

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Child or Natural Hair Care