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Iw 00 Iwd Cod4

No one could have guessed that cod4 would surpass the sales of its predecessor. Its end-of-year revenues were above Halo 3s at that time, even though it is several years older and suffered from the negative reception of Halo 3 and the similarities it shared with Halo. Interestingly enough, however, CoD4 sales were still expected to pass Halo 3s by mid-2009. But even with these expectations fulfilled, it is still pretty cool to see such a large uptick in sales.

iw 00 iwd cod4

Activision promised the fans that CoD4 would also be more international. The multiplayer maps are no longer confined to the United States, and with the killstreak and ranking systems, the game encouraged different playstyles. The four-man squads also allowed for more team-play by adding a constant interaction between players and a more diverse set of tactics. The game also incorporated this level of espionage with CoD4s campaign mode, which is set in the modern era and went through a dangerous World War III scenario.

Dont forget about the special edition! The collectors pack includes two in-game dog tags, a CoD4 theme, a behind the scenes DVD, a photo book, an alternate weapons case, seven battle patches, a dog tag pin, and a poster.

i guess this all comes down to the complaints people have had with black ops. you could do the ranking in single player mode, but the game didn't offer the same level of immersion because you didn't have the other things going on in the background. the multiplayer rankings for cod4 were much better, especially if you had a keyboard and mouse. you could still play single player and rank up, but it just makes the game a lot more fun.


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